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Our bagel combos are now available via UBEREATS, Caterwings.com, Deliveroo, or stop into Natural (136-138 Kentish Town Road), Marylebone Kitchen (106 York Street, W1H), Sweet Things (138 Regent's Park Road, Primrose Hill, NW1) where you can sit in and enjoy one of your favourite bagel combos

We are New Yorkers...we were homesick for some of our favourite foods – authentic bagels being one of them (we visited every bagel shop in London, but UK bagels are very different from NY bagels). So we started to produce these bagels for ourselves and to share with others. Those who tried our bagels recognized the differences between a NY bagel and other bagels - and this motivated us to create more!

Our bagels are different from other bagels in Europe because the recipe and process to create it is different from European bagel recipes and methods. Our bagels are created the way it was done back in the early days of bagel baking in Brooklyn; fermented, shaped, boiled then baked to create the traditional chewy exterior with a slightly chewy, doughy interior. This combined with a bit of crunch when straight out of the oven or toasted creates a product from the past that remains part of the NY food scene today.

We have a list of New York City classic combos for our bagels and we also have a wide variety of fillings enabling you to create your own classic combo!

What is a bagel?

An authentic New York City bagel has a taste, aroma and texture that is very different from any other bagel in the world.

To create a classic NY bagel, The Brooklyn-Bake Bagel combine the unique ingredients, malted barley being a favourite, to ferment for the perfect duration. The dough is then hand rolled, boiled and baked to produce an artisan bagel typical of those first produced in Brooklyn New York.

The end result is a New York bagel that is chewy & stretchy with a crunchy exterior when fresh out of the oven. It is this chewiness combined with the barley that sets the NYC bagel apart from the rest.

We hope you enjoy them!

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